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Mary Gayle (MG) Ferreria-Barlow began her career about 15 years ago, writing mainly feature stories and a garden column at the Blackstone Valley Tribune, a small newspaper in Central Massachusetts. Since then, she has earned a living as a medical writer, writing for a number of healthcare organizations, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, McKesson Health Solutions, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and too many others to mention.

MG's real passion is in literary writing. She was accepted to and participated in the July 2005 Brown University Summer Writers' Symposium where she worked with other writers in crafting life stories. In Spring 2017, she participated in NYC's Writer's Hotel Conference.. She is a member of Grub Street, Boston, and regularly attends Grub workshops and events.

MG recently completed her first book, "Home," a memoir she was inspired to write after a women stopped by her vintage house one day for an unexpected visit and said, "I'm 88-years-old, and I used to live here when I was a little girl."

While MG continues her profession as a medical writer, she is now working on her second book, which includes a series of letters she and her nephew exchanged during his 3-year-long incarceration on minor drug changes.

MG lives in Whitinsville, Massachusetts.
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